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Hydrozonix's unique, quality-focused approach reduces freshwater requirements, improves operational efficiency and cuts chemical costs.

Hydrozonix's custom-designed water management programs consider water quality at every stage of your frac water cycle and include accurate, real-time water quality measurements. Our highly effective mobile units treat water without liquid chemicals so there are no compatibility issues, frac fluids perform as expected, and completions stay clean. And our comprehensive programs combine storage, transfer and recycling to optimize water use and save money.

Hydrozonix's experienced crews and innovative solutions have treated more than 65 million barrels of water for major and independent operators in unconventional basins throughout the U.S.

We offer comprehensive water management solutions that:

  • Combine consulting, technology and onsite service
  • Focus on controlling water quality throughout the frac water cycle
  • Save money through
    • Reduced freshwater requirements
    • Fewer equipment problems
    • Fewer chemicals
    • Lower disposal cost
    • Less formation damage
    • Minimized environmental risk