Frac fluids are typically designed with a gel formulation based on a blend of produced and fresh water. For a successful frac job, it is critical to maintain water quality in the field to match the designed formula. This can be a challenge because source water can vary even between stages on the same well as a result of changing water quality, stratification and evaporation. Through its X-FRaC™ crosslinked gel frac recycling and control service, Hydrozonix provides QA/QC to deliver consistent water quality for maintaining the original gel formulation.

recycling crosslink gel fracs

Mixing of Produced Water Enables Consistent Gel Formulation

Hydrozonix provides unique technology to monitor produced water pits and to mix water in the pits to ensure consistent quality. The HZO Pit Sampler quickly takes water specimens from multiple locations and depths to make sure pit water quality is homogenized. The HZO Pit Boss is a submersible mixing system that achieves homogeneity within a few hours of operation. The HZO Pit Boss also aerates the water, preventing bacterial growth.